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Church of Praise is a Christ-centred, biblically grounded church. We are committed to sharing God’s love by bringing people into His family and membership in the church, discipling them to be like Christ and equipped for the mission to serving the community through our passionate worship to God.

We believe in the power of prayer and as a church we deeply desire to, not just know about God but to know God and to experience Him in our lives daily and personally. We are witnesses of the miracle of prayer which has transformed and energized us to nurture relationships with one another and to others in the community through works of kindness and love.

You may be seeking for the truth and meaning in life. We believe we have the answer.

Join us in one of the Celebration Services or Cell Meetings to find out more.

Senior Pastor
Rev Pang Yan Cher

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Monthly Prayer Meeting (MPM): Every 1st Wed monthly
Leadership Summit (LS): Every last Sunday monthly
PRAYER CAMPAIGNS: 40 Days Pray/Fast 16 Nov - 25 Dec
Worker’s Appreciation: 30 Nov
Christmas: 25 Dec
Yearend Thanksgiving Service: 31 Dec

this coming sunday

Our Relationships with Our Family

This coming Sunday, we begin section 2 of our 40 Days Fast & Pray.  In section 1, we pray and receive insight into Our Relationship with the Lord Our God. Section 2 deals with our responsibility within our nuclear families.  We know that the family unit has suffered great assault over the past several decades.  Sadly, Christian families have not been spared the same assault. It’s the reason God is calling us to begin to deal honestly with the sins within our homes, so that our homes and marriages can be demonstrations of His love to the world.  Rev Pang Yan Cher will bring this message from God’s Word.